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We are an Orthodox Christian community of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, under the care of Bishop Thomas of Charleston, Oakland, and the Mid-Atlantic.

Our community at St. Anthony's extends a heartfelt invitation to all Orthodox Christians and to all interested visitors to join us in worship and fellowship. (For driving directions, click here!)

God bless you and direct your steps!


Fr. Bogdan (Bucur), parish priest


We invite you to read our weekly bulletin, where you will find short reflections on the Scripture readings assigned to each Sunday, news from the parish community, and more.



Come, worship with us!

SUNDAY, 30 NOVEMBER: Pan-Orthodox Liturgy at St Andrew Orthodox Church 

All three Orthodox parishes come together to celebrate the Holy Apostle  Andrew.

Our regular weekly services are as follows:

Saturdays: Vespers, 6:30 pm
Sundays: Matins, 9:15 am; Divine Liturgy, 10:00 am

For feasts that fall on a weekday, we usually meet at 6:30pm on the eve of the feast to celebrate Vesperal Liturgy



Saturday, 29 November, 5:15pm: Reading Group (at Church), followed by Vespers.

Sunday, November 30: service will be held at St Andrew Orthodox Church (OCA). We have been invited to join our brothers and sisters for the celebration of their patron, Saint Andrew. 


We are starting a series of meeting to discuss texts of Orthodox spirituality.  We begin with five short essays by Mother Maria Skobtsova (+1944), one of the most recently canonized saints of the Church. 

    Concerning the Emulation of the Mother of God 

    Veneration of the Mother of God

    The Poor in Spirit 

    Suffering and the Cross

   Concerning the Anti-Christ 

Fellowship and Study Group in Cranberry

• Wednesday, December 3, 6:15-8pm

Wednesday, December 17, 6:15-8 pm


  • 9am: service of Royal Hours of Nativity
  • 6pm: Vesperal Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil, followed by parish potluck


Baptism of Miruna Bucur (2 Feb 2014): video here.

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